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Who Is Bob Livingston?

Bob is an ultra-conservative American who has been writing a newsletter since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs as well as issues of privacy (both personal & financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

Your Health: Between age thirty-eight and age forty, Bob had four heart attacks. He decided that taking double handfuls of prescription drugs was far worse than heart disease. He was sure that he did not have a drug deficiency. This led Bob to a serious search for health. His suspicions of government and politics carried over into so-called orthodox medicine. He has concluded that today, organized medicine is literally a killing machine.

Well, Bob never had the surgery his doctors strongly advised 36 years ago. All three surgeons who said he would die without the surgery have since died. Bob, however, is healthier than he has ever been!

Thirty-nine years of research study in health and nutrition qualifies Bob as a nutritional expert. He literally has volumes of information to share with his readers. Bob believes that the credibility of the medical establishment is eroding quickly and will soon collapse. As this transition evolves, natural alternatives for health and nutrition will be vital for your survival!

Bob is convinced that most health problems are simple and usually directly related to nutritional deficiencies. Bob will tell you the problems and will always suggest solutions.

Privacy & Asset Protection: Asset protection is almost extinct in America today. Modern computer technology records not only all of your financial assets, but most of your daily transactions. Every penny we have is at risk. We live in a financial glass house. Everything is at risk from government taxes, abusive and frivolous lawsuits, judgment creditors, and more and more asset forfeiture actions from government at all levels.

Instead, you can take advantage of secret health and investment strategies — long used by the wealthy, but CENSORED by the government — to legally avoid improper government surveillance… build your wealth no matter what the stock market does… and achieve a level of wealth you never dreamed possible.

Bob concludes that quality of life in America can come only through personal responsibility in matters of health and financial survival. The search for information carries Bob all over the world. By subscribing to his newsletter you will benefit from a lifetime of research that continues today. Don't miss this opportunity. Subscribe Today!

The Bob Livingston Letter® wants to help you…

FORGET the threat of heart disease and stroke… and uncover the alternative therapies your doctors, the drug companies and the medical establishment don’t want you to know about…

WIN the war on excess weight while you gain new energy…

INCREASE the number of years you live healthy and free of illness, plus help you create…


SINCE 1969 we've helped thousands of people of all ages solve nearly every health challenge including heart disease, obesity and cancer — even after doctors have given up trying…

SINCE 1969, we've helped people from every economic strata to protect their assets and grow them safely and securely without losing one night's sleep…

Like no other newsletter you'll ever find, The Bob Livingston Letter® is dedicated to increasing your independence from today's medical and financial brokers who do not have your health & wealth at stake. This newsletter exists for one purpose: To put you (not the medical or financial establishments) in 100% control of your health & wealth beyond your wildest dreams… for life!

Bob Livingston